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Roger Mort, Owner (254) 247-6688

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Veteran Owned

SFRB Productions LLC is the premier leader in Central Texas for providing small to medium production solutions for staging. Ask about audio and lighting.

Our Mission

Our mission is fulfilling the needs and requirements of our clients with both consultation services and modern production technology ensuring event production success.


Our diverse ability and resources enables a broad capability for any client to include government, schools, institutions, private companies, and non-profit organizations at an economically affordable price.

Our Equipment

SFRB Productions utilizes the most current and modern equipment on the market today for all production solutions.



Check with us first before you start planning. We really can handle just about everything, worry free for you.

Staging Solutions

We don't just provide a stage, whether it's just a stage, or maybe you need sound, or a full backline, including drums, or even a diverse group of acts.


All of our equipment from the stage to the sound gear is of the highest quality, latest and greatest including our LED lighting and effects.


Roger Mort

Roger served overseas and is retired army. He has always been a musician and plays guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums as well as vocals so he knows what you need. Music is his passion.

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