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Roger Mort. Managing Partner 815-343-9643

James Vekasy, Managing Partner 724-612-2097



"As a Veteran owned business, SFRB Productions LLC is the premier leader in Central Texas for providing small to medium production solutions for staging, audio, and lighting requirements. Our mission is fulfilling the needs and requirements of our clients with both consultation services and modern production technology ensuring event production success. Our diverse ability and resources enables a broad capability for any client to include government, schools, institutions, private companies, and non-profit organizations at an economically affordable price."

......SFRB Productions Managing Partners, Roger Mort and James Vekasy

Services Provided:

  • -Professional production consultation for events or venues
  • -Staging solutions for both indoor and outdoor events
  • -Professional analog and digital sound equipment with sound engineer technicians
  • -LED digital lighting and effects / lighting technicians
  • -Trussing and canopy solutions
  • -Audio and musical equipment backline including amps, monitors, drums, mics (including wirelss), and wireless in-ear monitoring systems

.......all services focus on the upmost reliable solution with a safe and secure enviroment for our clients!

SFRB Productions utilizes the most current and modern equipment on the market today for all production solutions to include:

  • -staging equipment that is multi-configurable, multi-tiered, and considered "the most rugid, water resistant, heavy duty, portable outdoor / indoor on the market today.
  • -Trussing and overhead capabilities to be configured up to three stories high with a maximum width of 40 feet and 30 feet in depth covered on all sides and top.
  • -All digital signal processed sound utilizing the most current digital 32 channel mixing board with Cat5 audio capabilities providing over 30,000 watts Front of House projection and 10,000 watts of stage monitor sound reinforcement.
  • -All LED digital lighting systems including movable spots, wash, and fixed lighting. Fog machines, multi-effect lighting, and laser stage effects also available.
  • -A broad spectrum of various modern microphone needs for any configuation, percussion equipment both accoustic and digital, and any other requirement ensuring a high quality audio backline.

With over 60 years of combined music and staging experience, we look forward in providing you with the highest level of professional production solutions.

For more information or quotes, give us a call or email at:

Roger Mort, Managing Partner 815-343-9643


James Vekasy, Managing Partner 724-612-2097